Young Everyman and Playhouse

There is Always Hope

‘There is Always Hope’ represents some of the many complex journeys faced by young people across the world today. YEP have fused together styles of story telling, dance and drama to unravel real moments taken from factual events and statistics. Weeks of solid research by the group have unearthed the most poignant and heartrending stories. They have carefully crafted together scenes that they felt a genuine responsibility to be shared. Delving into young lives that are complex, desperate, yet through every moment, there is always a glimmer of hope.

Sacred heart Catholic Primary School

Article 30

It’s Abbas’s first day in a new school, under his arm Abbas carries his prayer mat. Through misunderstanding and a lack of communication, his peers start to pick on Abbas for wanting to pray at lunchtime.  See how this isolation and confusion starts affect Abbas’s mental health, how will he cope? Every child had the right to practice your own culture, language and religion, even Abbas.

Notre Dame

The Runaways

It is very easy in an adult world to get drawn into the politics of conflict. What is hard is to remember that this conflict affects individuals. Millions of children are displaced from their country of origin because of war, many are abandoned due to the deaths of their parents and loved ones.

The Syrian Refugee crisis has seen over one million children displaced and abandoned. In our piece we attempt to raise public awareness for and on behalf of these Children.

Broadgreen International School


Meet Stephen and Sophie, two teenagers learning to cope with life’s difficulties and seeking comfort in each other and their surroundings. ‘Anyway…‘ is a story which shows how something as simple as talking to someone can change the way you feel about life, the universe and everything.

Archbishop Blanch

The Voice Within

Students of Archbishop Blanch High School present ‘The Voice Within’ – an original performance inspired by article 6 of the UN Children’s Rights: ‘You have the right to be alive’. Our story follows a teenage girl called Maya who feels useless, unloved and misunderstood. Depressed and alone, Maya contemplates taking her own life. As she sits on her bed writing her suicide note, she wonders whether there is anyone who would care if she disappeared; or worse, if anyone would even notice. Will Maya go through with her plan or will she have the strength to find ‘the voice within’ and seek help?

This piece unites acting, dancing, movement, voice and film to showcase the abundance of talent quickly emerging from Archbishop Blanch Performance. ’The Voice Within’ is dedicated to all of the students at Archbishop Blanch, especially those who inspired the piece by bravely sharing their personal experiences.

Notre Dame Catholic College

Illusion 17

Have you ever wished you could disappear completely? Children are surrounded by social media pressures, these pressures can insight Mental Health conditions such as feelings of anxiety, depression and paranoia. With social media bullying on the rise and stereotypical images of youth being brandished daily, hourly, moment by moment. “Illusion 17” explores the impact these relentless pressures can create within young people.  Our aim is to highlight how media can impact on your mental health through the use of drama.

West Derby School

The Actual Truth

With depression looming around the corner, arguments arising within his household and an unsuspected investment in his life from his Uncle, the world of teenager Chris is turned drastically upside down. Not knowing whether he can talk to his father now, he only has the trust of his uncle, who after one car journey on a gloomy evening, takes something that Chris can never have back; his pride. Not having anybody to turn to, Chris chooses the inevitable, whilst his Uncle faces the crown court for a life sentence over the person he truly is. Will the actual truth appear? What will happen to young Chris in this story about sexual abuse?

Our play is based upon the child right #34; “You have the right to be free from sexual abuse”.