Broughton Hall Catholic High

Against Their Will

It is estimated over 1.2 million children are trafficked each year; “Against Their Will” explores forced marriage, forced labour and trafficking of young people. Based on true accounts of individual experiences, “Against Their Will” provides a hard hitting look at the world of abduction, sale and trafficking, the aftermath for its victims and the most important question… Will they ever really be free?

Leamington Primary School

Right to Education

Our children have chosen the ‘right to eduction’ for their performance as they feel education is a fundamental part of development. Our group consists of 10 hard working, dedicated and talented children who have all contributed their personal touch to our performance. Our exciting performance is a colourful celebration of beliefs, talent and equality. ‘Each child enhances a school in their own way’, throughout this performance this will shine through.

Belvedere Academy

Article 38

There’s a wound. And it’s hidden. A scar you can’t see. This is the story of female child soldiers, taken from their families and exposed to the terrors of war. The horrors that they have seen and been forced to commit will traumatise them for the rest of their lives. With research into PTSD, and in response to Article 38 of the UN’s Rights of the child which states ‘you have the right to protection and freedom from war’, The Belvedere Academy have created this visceral and moving portrayal of life as a child soldier.

St John Bosco

Me, Myself and the Battle inside

Children have the right to have fun and play but sometimes events and traumas stand in their way. PSTD can happen to anyone at any place and its effect go deeper and cannot always be shown on ones face.

Here we tell the story of a simple girl, facing inner demons in her own world. Feeling rejected and tangled with woe. Our story begins and has a long way to go. It’s important to remember help is at hand but to fight this battle first you must understand.

This performance piece explores PSTD and its effect on a child through dance theatre and film.

Belvedere Academy – Group 2


‘When they started shelling our village we spent ten days in a row in our basement.

I’ve heard a lot about torture and slaughter. Thank God I’ve not witnessed it myself. But I have seen what happens after torture.’

Three accounts of children seeking refuge after being forced to leave their home and live in another country. This performance illustrates the journey these children go on, physically and mentally, and the aftermath of emotional turmoil due to the consequences of the events they witnessed. REFUsed Childhood asks the audience ‘what will you do about this?’


First and Foremost, I’m Me

Young Adult Carers are often invisible… people don’t always notice us. Article 12 says that “every child has the right to have a say in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously” and our little group from Barnardo’s has met every week to support each other and learn, with Saphena’s help, how to understand and use our voices. It has been challenging; most of us believed that we would never sing on a stage, but we all have a right to have a say and our performance is about us having found our voices.

St Julies

Hide and Seek

‘Hide and Seek’ is an original performance that focuses on stories of child trafficking. Through research and interviews, St Julie’s Catholic High School students have explored how children can be recruited, kidnapped, moved, transported and left subject to multiple exploitation. The performance is based upon true words and stories.

Amirah was a happy, popular and bright young girl. But after difficult situations at home, her life spiralled out of control. Feeling lonely, insecure and vulnerable who could she turn to for support?

‘But now I’m someone else’s treasure, a stranger’s pleasure. It’s like I’m stuck in a game of hide and seek, only in this game, who’s going to find me?’