In February over 250 young people took over the Epstein theatre for the 3 day NOW Festival. Each group had spent months rehearsing a devised performance based around the theme ‘My Education, My Mental Health’.

Education is something that every young person experiences, has a right to, and also needs, in order to develop the resilience to deal with life’s ups and downs. Many young people discover their talents, increase their confidence, develop life-skills  and realise their dreams through their school education. However, for too many this is not the case.  For some education has utterly failed them and contributed to  the growing numbers of mental health problems  seen in young people across the UK.

Working with schools, we have seen the frustrations of staff trying to reach the needs of young people, working in a system that is putting both them and their pupils under increased pressures,  and  failing to inspire and realise the potential of  many young people. In the words of Sir Ken Robinson; “Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent not a singular conception of ability”.