Rudston Primary School

“The Worst Day – Every Day”

We follow the life of Kev, a young boy, who is a young carer.

Everyday he comes to school, but each day is filled with dread.  The teachers have little compassion for him, embarrassing and belittling him. This is, until one adult comes to listen, and changes his life for the better. They help the other adults to understand his challenges and difficulties and helps him.

Inspired by the poem by Ginnott.

Addvanced Solutions

‘Mental Education’

Mental Education is written from the perspective of young people in education with neurodevelopmental conditions. It explores how there isn’t enough awareness and education around the impact these conditions can have on their mental health. This is the reason these young people feel like they may struggle more than others throughout school, universities and other education establishments.

West Derby Group 1

I want to be invisible as I am not worthy of being seen

A piece that looks at the ignorance surrounding mental health and the invisibility of those who struggle with what life throws at them. This simplistic piece of Drama looks at why four characters want to be invisible, attempting to relate to audience by approaching issues that at some point will have touched us all. Insecurities about our appearance, lack of confidence or a reaction to a tragedy.

Attitude Performing Arts

Happy High School

Attitude Performing Arts School have brought mental health into the surreal world of ‘Happy High School’, where students only feel HAPPY! They don’t get stressed, angry or sad. They don’t have Bipolar. Mental health? What is mental health? Happy High School students don’t have it. Do you? When ‘NORMAL’, a new student starts at Happy High School, she tries to educate the happy students on emotions and their mental health. But they don’t have mental health! Do they? Happy High School is a fun, energetic piece that dares to make audiences laugh whilst raising awareness of mental health.

Knotty Ash Primary School

“The Other Side of Life”

A day in the life of Katrina. An 11 year old who’s been adopted by two dads. Experience how she copes with her internal struggles. Will she let her demons get the better of her or will she overcome adversity and realise that she’s not on her own?

West Derby Group 2

One Face, Two Face, Three Face, Four

A piece that deals with the early symptoms of psychosis, following one boys struggle with his Dad’s ill health. The hope is that through this piece people will understand there is a story behind every mental illness and that we all share in life’s struggles. We should look after both our bodies and minds.

Kings Leadership Academy

It’s OK not to be OK

People often feel that they are the only one’s suffering and keep things bottled up because they think that that no-one else will understand. The aim of our piece is to try to encourage people to open up, share their feelings with each other and support those around us that need help.