St Julies Catholic High School

Fight for Your Dream

‘Fight for your Dream’ is an original performance from St Julie’s Catholic High School. Tackling the theme of ‘Young Carers’, our story intertwines real life people, situations and interviews to raise awareness of an often un-talked about subject. The pressures for teenagers to have the latest clothes, the most likes on Instagram and eyebrows waxed to perfection can be bad enough. Throw in a laundry load, primary school drop off and sausages, chips and gravy for tea and you’ve just met Sophie.

What happens when, at the age of 14, you become, mum.

Barnardo’s Action With Young Carers

You Can Help

We are a really diverse group of young people from Barnardo’s Action with Young Carers aged from 8 to 21.

We are from different cultures and backgrounds, with different experiences of education, but we have three things in common… caring for a parent, mental health and going to school. With the help of Lynne and Jane from First Take , and with the support of some very brave school staff, we made our film to help schools appreciate how very important they are to Young Carers, to let them know how they can help and to say that we know how good they can be!

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Through the Door

Everyday is the same for George, he likes his routine. He is a superb student and liked by all but one member of his class, who wants to do nothing more than hurt him. George just doesn’t understand why. However, something inside him has awoken and wants to help him. With the aid of a mystical door he will hopefully discover that there is always more to a story than appears on its surface. By going through the door will he start to understand.

St John Bosco

The Unattainable 9

Are you that unattainable 9?

The pressures of school make it a mountain you can never climb.

Constantly being compared to your peers,

While no one related to your deepest fears.

Until a time it  becomes too much,

You turn to the blade for a tender touch.

As the pressure mounts the façade begins to melt,

Self-harm is the expression you never felt…

MD Productions

Dance Expresses what words can not

This piece acknowledges how PTSD can be caused from a traumatic experience and the affects not only the person involved but their family too. Through their performance, the young people show how dance can be used as a treatment to help ease the symptoms of PTSD and also help the family to re-build their relationships.

St Francis of Assisi

“Talkin’ Bout my Education”

Eddie and Annie both dread school – it should be somewhere they feel secure and happy, but a lot of the time, their anxiety and depression makes every day a chore. They both feel alone and rejected,  until they meet each other and discover that there is support out there, if you’re willing to look for it.

The Champions

Accessible Menu

The Champions is a group of disabled young people who work together creatively to produce performance and art work.
This includes films, raps, posters and theatre in education, to make a difference and to bring about change. The film ‘Accessible Menu’ has been produced in response to group members frustrations and struggles based on their own experiences and how these experiences impact on well being and mental health. Things like being able to get places, to have support to be able to do activities with their friends and also thinking their futures – that with support and planning, can make a positive change to their lives.