Chesterfields High School


Jackson’s life has took a drastic turn. His love life and stress of school seems to be getting on top of him. Although people see Jackson’s change of mood, they seem to brush it aside. Unfortunately, so does Jackson  Through music and physical theatre, Jackson’s struggle to balance the demands of life and protect his mental well-being will be portrayed.

Lander Road Primary School

“Ban the bullying….NOW”

Redwood Class from Lander Road Primary School, have devised a performance all about the negative effects bullying can have, on a child’s mental health. There are three types of bullying we tackle in our performance these are; cyber bulling, verbal bullying and physical bullying. During the play we witness a day in the life of Lucy. Lucy battles against the bullies everyday. We understand that mental health is important, everyone has it. We need to be aware and take care of our own mental health. Throughout the play we share what makes us happy, we do this to reinforce the importance of having a positive mental attitude. We hope our anti-bullying message can be heard loud and clear throughout the play.

Savio Salesian College – Drama

Breaking Point”

Society has become obsessed with image which has led to people being overwhelmed with the pressure to conform to certain body types .Children from an early age are suffering in silence.

Our play tells the story of Harry a young boy who’s aspiring to achieve the ’perfect’ body and in the process develops an eating disorder.

Savio Salestian College – Music


We have composed a piece of music consisting of three parts. It is about a boy named Jimbo who is bullied and struggles at school but comes home to play his guitar which soothes him and helps him control his anger.

There are a variety of instruments in our composition as we have tried to include the different specialities within our talented group of musicians. The music traverses a range of moods to reflect the ever changing life of Jimbo.


I Don’t Care What You Say?

Amy and Charlotte are BEST FRIENDS. They do everything together. All the way through school  they  were inseparable….. Until….. Year 6 and new girl Molly arrives. Amy finds herself  at  Molly’s mercy and Charlotte starts to follow Molly everywhere. Amy finds her self the victim of bullying. SPACE  Drama have been exploring how bullying can effect your mental health and what to do if you witness bullying.  Stand up, Speak Out.